Fusion Ministries gets to host Salthood this year!

Salthood is a conference put on for students by students in the area.

 The theme for the weekend is all about forming our lives to look like Jesus to the world around us.  He was completely Counter Cultural to the worldly culture. He immersed himself in the world but was still faithful to His Father’s will. As followers, we are called to this Counter Culture life that Jesus lived! Our mission for the weekend is to just simply lead others into being part of Christ’s Counter Culture.

This weekend is filled with worship, games, and time to focus on our lives–get personal with Jesus. Register on your Church Life App, or through Access FCC visit the Fusion Minister page at fairfieldchurchofchrist.com.  The Cost is $25.  Be sure here to be here at 6:30 on Friday.  You will go home Friday night then the doors will open back up at 8:30 am Saturday.  And we will meet until 10:30 Friday night.

Register Here!


Fusion Student Ministries is here to connect young people with a congregation that magnifies God by Loving, Sharpening, and Stirring Each Other to Love Other People and to Do Good Works.

Core Verses:  Romans 8:39/Matthew 22:37-39/Proverbs 27:17/Hebrews 10:24

Mission Question:  How do I make other people feel like they are fused with us in this moment?

Fusion Student Ministries is the ministry of the Fairfield Church of Christ that incorporates junior high, grades 7 and 8, and high school students, grades 9-12.