fairfield-online-giving-2The work that we do to further God’s Kingdom is funded completely by people like you.  Your tithes and gifts make an impact here at the church building, in our community, and around the world.  We ask that you approach God humbly about what you can give.

We do want to ask you to consider the option for electronic transfer of funds.  We can and will accept credit cards, but with the electronic funds transfer the church incurs less of a cost associated with your gift.  Therefore, your tithe or gift would go further in expanding the work of God’s Kingdom here and abroad.


Easy Gift
(No Login Required)

Here you can give using Access FCC’s easy gift tool without an Access FCC account.  Only your name, e-mail, and payment information are required. Easy Gift

Give with Access FCC
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Using Access FCC, you can contribute to separate funds, set up scheduled gifts, view giving records, and more.  One time registration is required. Give Access FCC

Download detailed instructions for all of our online giving options here.   Download PDF
 Need a record of your giving?lightstock_251086_jpg_aaron
If you need a detailed record of all that you have contributed to the church for your taxes or other purposes, just log into your Access FCC account and click My Giving History.  You can download a PDF Tax Statement there.
About Access FCC
Would you like to start keeping a record of your online giving?  Sign up for an Access FCC account and utilize our online giving tool.