Welcome Guests and New Friends!

Fairfield Church of Christ is a non-denominational church, committed to the basic Christianity that we find described in the New Testament. We are pursuing the hope that Christ prayed for – that there be unity among all who profess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Our Sunday morning services happen as follows:

9:30 – Traditional Service

Our traditional service is very near and dear to our hearts because it’s where our roots lie.  When attending one of these services you will sing many traditional hymns accompanied by piano.  A significant part of the time our worship minister is accompanied by a wonderful quartet who helps bring a traditional steadfastness  of the time honored traditions that we all know and love.

11:00 – Contemporary Service

If you and your family are interested in a worship band full of drums, electric guitars, keyboard, and new worship music the contemporary service is where you’ll want to be.  Our contemporary service still participates in a lot of the traditions that are incorporated throughout our traditional services.  The only difference is the musical style.

Children’s Ministry
If you have children with you, they would enjoy the teachers and programs designed just for them. A paging system will call you to assure the security and comfort of your nursery and toddler-aged
child – these classes are located on the main level. Classes and worship gatherings for the Preschool Department and school-aged children are located in Kidopolis on the lower level.
Speaking of Kidopolis: check out a brief video about this amazing facility for kids

Student Ministry

As far as Sunday mornings are concerned our student ministry includes students from 7th-12th grade.  We meet during the 9:30 hour of worship.  We start off by gathering in our upstairs youth center and when 9:30 comes we split into age concentrated small group Sunday school classes.  During the 11:00 worship service our students incorporate themselves into the contemporary service.

Communion Service
We practice Communion each Sunday. The Lord ‘s Supper is available in our worship services for all
Christians. Jesus requested that we “Do this in remembrance of me.” The unleavened bread symbolizes his body offered as a sacrifice for our sins. The grape juice reminds us of his blood,
which was shed for us. As these elements of communion are passed, we hold them until we are led to partake together in unity. Spend some time in prayer and contemplation before and
after the serving of communion.

Invitation / Dedication Time
During each service an opportunity will be extended to those who desire’ to profess their
faith and be immersed into Christ. Also, those who have already been immersed and seek to unite their church membership here will be invited to come to the front.